Get to know Earth Milk

Who Are We?

Formed as a California corporation in 2017, Earth Milk Inc. was started by a compassionate team of people seeking to offer an alternative to Big Pharma and the common side-effects associated with typical pharmaceuticals. Our Earth Milk team offers a unique vision for a more natural way of healing your body, and has over 15 years of combined experience in formulating topical lotions and salves utilizing a wide variety of plant-based, healthy and beneficial ingredients. The newly formed Earth Milk product line was developed for the purpose of providing natural plant-based healing and pain relief treatment options with our unique collection of superior Hemp Extract-based products. The Earth Milk facility is located in the Coachella Valley and is where Earth Milk manufactures, processes, and distributes our unique line of products.  The Earth Milk team is actively involved in research and development of new formulas to enhance and expand the existing Earth Milk product line.

Our Pain Relief Products :

Today, we now offer all of our products with our new signature Hemp Extract infusion process.  The infusion brings our product lines to the forefront of all-natural healing remedies.

Earth Milk products have been designed to aid in the relief of muscle soreness, skin irritation, nerve and joint pain. Recently, Hemp Extract has become one of the primary healing ingredients in our product line. Earth Milk products also assist in minimizing symptoms caused by a number of medical ailments including arthritis, diabetes, MS, Parkinson’s, shingles and other neurological disorders.

Hemp Extract Wholesale & Retail :

Earth Milk offers one of the first internationally distributed Hemp Extract infused product lines for healing and pain-relief. Earth Milk is established and positioned as the leading option for all natural, plant-based products aiding in pain relief without the side effects commonly found in existing topical or oral medications.